Images from the IEEE Brain Data Bank Competition at Boston, MA

Dec 9, 2017
A BIG THANK YOU to our volunteers, sponsors, and participants at the IEEE Brain Data Bank Competition!

9 - Team ZHIPK first place
10 - Team Firewall second place
11 - Team B&T third place

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IEEE Brain Initiative Workshop Brings Together Experts from Interdisciplinary Areas

By Cynthia Weber – 25 January 2018


Wherein lies the promise versus the hype, when discussing the latest in brain-related research and neurotechnology? Have we considered patient justice? Is actionable data actually available? These are just a few of the big picture questions raised at the IEEE Brain Initiative Workshop on Advanced NeuroTechnologies for BRAIN Initiatives (ANTBI) held November 2017 in Washington D.C. Workshop chair Metin Akay of the University of Houston and IEEE Brain Initiative Chair Paul Sajda from Columbia University welcomed participants to join the conversation and share their thoughts on these key questions while interfacing with the broader community.

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Brain-Machine Interface Study Suggests How Brains Prepare for Action

By Nathan Collins – 16 February 2018

Brain-Machine Interface Study Suggests How Brains Prepare for Action

Somewhere right now in Pyeongchang, an Olympic skier is thinking through the twists and spins she’ll make in the aerial competition, a speed skater is visualizing how he’ll sneak past a competitor on the inside line, and a curler is imagining the perfect sweep. It’s called mental rehearsal, and psychologists and athletes alike know that it works: picturing ourselves going through routines, whether it’s figure skating or something more mundane, improves our chances of success.

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Nanoparticles in Mice Brains Light Up, Trigger Memories

By Emily Waltz – 8 Feburary 2018

Nanoparticles in Mice Brains Light Up, Trigger Memories

No optical fibers, no headgear, no implants: This is the new optogenetics, systems that enable scientists to control cell behavior using simple flashes of visible light. Researchers today reported that they had successfully manipulated deep brain cells in mice using a light-based tool without an invasive surgical procedure.

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