Four Types of Brain Cells Identified Based on Electrical Spiking Activity

30 August 2019, by Emily Waltz

Illustration: Corbis/Getty Images


We often dumb down our most complex organ—the brain—by referring to most of its constituents as simply “neurons.” There are, in fact, many different types of neurons, but for most of them, we don’t know enough about how they work to even give them a name.

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Highest-Resolution Human Brain ‘Parts List’ To Date Lays Road Map to Better Treatments for Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders

21 August 2019

Rebecca Hodge, Ph.D., a scientist at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, holds a section of postmortem human brain used in the study

A new study from the Allen Institute for Brain Science has written the most detailed “parts list” of the human brain to date. This categorization of our brain cell types lays the groundwork to improve our understanding of our own brains and to dramatically change how we treat human brain diseases and disorders.

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