A Look Back at Our Last IEEE Brain Workshop on Advanced Neurotechnologies

In this video, Paul Sajda Ph.D., Columbia University, discusses how his team is using simultaneously acquired EEG and fMRI to infer spatiotemporal dynamics of cognition in the human brain.
Look for information on the upcoming 2020 IEEE Brain Workshop on Advanced Neurotechnologies to be held 22-23 October.

Data for Good: Biological Scientist, DSI Member Rafael Yuste on the Ethical Development of Neurotechnology

23 March 2020

Members of Columbia’s NeuroTechnology Center have drafted a technocratic oath for engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs working on neurotechnologies.

Read more – Columbia University.

Stanford device brings silicon computing power to brain research and prosthetics

20 March 2020

A new device enables researchers to observe hundreds of neurons in the brain in real-time. The system is based on modified silicon chips from cameras, but rather than taking a picture, it takes a movie of the neural electrical activity.

Read more – Stanford News.

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