A Look Back at Our Last IEEE Brain Workshop on Advanced Neurotechnologies

In this video, Jennifer Gelinas, MD, Ph.D., Columbia University, gives an overview of the NeuroGrid device and its potential applications.



Motivating Women To Pursue STEM: Featuring Dr. Karen Moxon

14 May 2020

Dr. Karen Moxon is a powerhouse researcher in the field of neuroengineering and professor of bioengineering, that focuses on understanding how information in the brain is represented and how it is affected by spinal injury, stroke, or other brain damage.

Read more – See It to Be It.

Technology innovation for neurology: Brain signal measurement using printed tattoo electrodes

13 May 2020 , by Christoph Pelzl

The reliability and accuracy of tattoo electrodes has been successfully tested under real clinical conditions. © Greco – TU Graz

TU Graz researcher Francesco Greco has developed ultra-light tattoo electrodes that are hardly noticeable on the skin and make long-term measurements of brain activity cheaper and easier.

Read more – TU Graz.

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