“I AM HUMAN” Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Organized by IEEE Brain and International Neuroethics Society

IEEE Brain and the International Neuroethics Society are holding a 1-hour panel discussion on the award-winning documentary, ‘I Am Human’ at 3pm EST on December 2. The film explores the co-evolution of humans and technology by following three subjects with implantable brain interfaces and discussing the ethical implications of this technology on society.

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First ‘Plug and Play’ Brain Prosthesis Demonstrated in Paralyzed Person

7 September 2020, by Nicholas Weiler

An ECoG array comprises a pad of electrodes that is surgically placed on the surface of the brain. Photo by Noah Berger

In a significant advance, researchers working toward a brain-controlled prosthetic limb at the UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences have shown that machine learning techniques helped a paralyzed individual learn to control a computer cursor using their brain activity without requiring extensive daily retraining, which has been a requirement of all past brain-computer interface (BCI) efforts.

Read more – University of California San Francisco.

The BRAIN Initiative® pioneers the future through open science technology

29 September 2020

An image from the Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas that shows the injection sites from nearly 3000 experiments.

Advances in neuroscience have led to the collection of enormous amounts of brain data. Now, collaborative BRAIN-funded “open science” efforts are democratizing these data and analytic tools for the research community.

Read more – National Institutes of Health.

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