BrainInsight: Self-stretchable Christmas-tree-shaped Ultraflexible Neural Probes


Self-stretchable Christmas-tree-shaped Ultraflexible Neural Probes

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Mapping the Mind's Eye

Mapping the Mind’s Eye

26 October 2021, Arizona State University News“Specific areas of the human brain process different functions, such as the auditory cortex for hearing and the olfactory cortex for smell. Among these functional areas, the single largest is devoted to vision. The dominance of the visual cortex may not be surprising given the importance of sight to…...
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Learning from Imaging Data to Model Brain Activity

18 October 2021, IBM Research“In this article, we introduce VanDEEPol, a hybrid AI/mechanistic model to predict brain activity and structure from imaging data. The model significantly boosts predictive accuracy compared to previous methods. By predicting brain activity from relatively sparse imaging data, VanDEEPol may eventually help to detect medical disorders or design brain-computer interfaces.”...
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