Cosmopolitan Neuroethics: What it is and why we need it

17 July 2018, by Dr. James Giordano and Dr. John Shook

Cosmopolitan Neuroethics: What it is and why we need it

In this interview, James Giordano and John Shook discuss and explain the concept of cosmopolitan neuroethics: what it is, how we can apply it, and why it’s becoming increasingly important in our globalized world.

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Brains Improved by Graphene Are on the Horizon

13 June 2018, by Dexter Johnson

Researchers gain better understanding of how graphene interacts with brain cells to increase neuron

While graphene has been tapped to deliver on everything from electronics to optoelectronics, it’s a bit harder to picture how it may offer a key tool for addressing neurological damage and disorders. But that’s exactly what researchers have been looking at lately because of the wonder material’s conductivity and transparency.

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