Can’t attend the 2018 IEEE Brain Initiative Workshop on Advanced NeuroTechnologies?

We will be live streaming keynote speaker, Michel Mahabiz, UC Berkeley, Recent Advances in the Neural Dust Platform: Can we target many motes, deep in the brain and through the skull?

IEEE Brain Workshop on Advanced NeuroTechnologies

Date is 2 November, Friday, at 11 am PDT. Registration for this live-stream event is free.

Neuromodulation Poses Next Step in Treating Heart Disease

10 October 2018, by Cynthia Weber

Neuromodulation Poses Next Step in Treating Heart Disease

Jeffrey Ardell, Founding Director of the UCLA Neurocardiology Research Program of Excellence, is a fellow of the American Heart Association and has been one of the principal investigators in the field of neurocardiology for the last three decades. Ardell will be a keynote speaker at NeuroCAS, a collaborative workshop that will explore the future challenges of neurotechnology. IEEE Pulserecently spoke with him about the role neuromodulation will play in cardiac disease intervention.

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Scientists Connect Three People’s Minds So They can Communicate Using Brainwaves Alone

3 October 2018, by Aristos Georgiou

Scientists Connect Three People's Minds So They can Communicate Using Brainwaves Alone

Sending your thoughts directly into someone else’s brain may seem like the stuff of science fiction. But this capability could be closer to reality than you think.

A team from the University of Washington (UW) and Carnegie Mellon University has developed a system, known as BrainNet, which allows three people to communicate with one another using only the power of the brain, according to a paper published on the pre-print server arXiv.

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