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Exclusive Q&A: Neuralink’s Quest to Beat the Speed of Type

06 July 2021, Eliza Strickland

Exclusive Q&A: Neuralink's Quest to Beat the Speed of Type


In this exclusive Q&A with IEEE Spectrum, Joseph O’Doherty, a neuroengineer at Neuralink and head of its brain signals team, discusses the company’s near and far term goals.

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Tailored optical stimulation for the blind

17 June 2021, Hillary Sanctuary

Tailored optical stimulation for the blind


EPFL scientists in a European collaboration propose a personalized protocol for optimizing stimulation of optic nerve fibers, for the blind, which takes into account feedback from the viewer’s brain. The protocol has been tested on artificial neural networks known to simulate the physiology of the entire visual system, from the eye to the visual cortex. The stimulation protocol will be tested in clinical trials with partners in Rome.

Read more – EPFL

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