The IEEE Brain initiative was formed in 2015 to create a technical community to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration and coordination to advance research, standardization, and development of engineering and technology to improve our understanding of the brain in order to treat diseases and improve the human condition. As an IEEE-wide effort, the IEEE Brain Technical Community unites engineering and computing expertise across IEEE Societies and Councils relevant to neuroscience, and provides an avenue for IEEE to work with multiple constituencies in academia, industry, and government to incubate and sponsor new activities, projects, and standards that facilitate bringing neurotechnology to market in an ethical and responsible manner. IEEE Brain also serves as a member of The BRAIN Initiative Alliance, working to further connect IEEE members with other organizations and agencies that foster global efforts to share knowledge and discoveries in neuroscience and neural engineering.


Chair: Jack Gallant, University of California, Berkeley
Chair-Elect: Tülay Adali, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Past Chair: Paul Sajda, Columbia University

Steering Committee

Selin Aviyente, Michigan State University
Paul Berger, The Ohio State University
Vince Calhoun, Georgia Tech
Gert Cauwenberghs, University of California, San Diego
Damien Coyle, University of Ulster
Carolyn McGregor, Ontario Tech University
Ellis Meng, University of Southern California
Jan Rabaey, University of California, Berkeley
Mike Schneider, NIST
Mike Smith, University of California, Berkeley
Ljiljana Trajkovic, Simon Fraser University
Milin Zhang, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Subcommittee Chairs

Conferences Subcommittee Chair: Grace Rigdon, GCR Consulting
Publications Subcommittee Chair: Yiwen Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Education Subcommittee Chair: Reza Abbasi-Asl, University of California, San Francisco
Industry Subcommittee Chair: Doug Weber, Carnegie Mellon University
Neuroethics Subcommitte Chair: Laura Cabrera, Penn State University
Standards Subcommittee Chair: Ricardo Chavarriaga, Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe (CLAIRE)


Neuroethics Senior Advisor: James Giordano, Georgetown University
NIH Liaison: David McMullen, MD
International Neuroethics Society (INS) Liaisons: Peter Reiner, PhD, University of British Columbia & Laura Cabrera, Penn State University

Program Manager

Cynthia Weber, IEEE

Sponsoring Societies

The following Societies provide financial sponsorship for the IEEE Brain Community.