Message from the Editor


September 2020

Ricardo Chavarriaga*


The COVID19 pandemic has brought upon us an unprecedented situation. The current events have had a profound impact at a global scale and have once more shown the important role that science and technology play in providing solutions to societal challenges.

Despite the difficulties, our community swiftly mobilized to keep advancing in the purpose of facilitating collaborations to advance neuroscience research and development. This was done through traditional conferences held in virtual manner, the IEEE Brain Webinar and Podcast series, the Neuromatch academy, and others. We also continued with our ongoing activities, including the Neurotechnologies Standards Roadmap and the Next-Gen Closed-loop Technologies white paper (both open for public comments), and the IEEE Brain Career center. All that is complemented by freely available resources and standards provided by IEEE to contribute in tackling the current challenges.

All this was possible thanks to the valuable contributions of our members and partners. They understood that today, more than ever, is important to continue steering science and technology towards improving human condition and increasing global resilience. I would like to express my most profound gratitude for their efforts.

You can also be part of this community. Please check our website for more information and join the IEEE Brain Initiative.