Future Neural Therapeutics: Closed-Loop Control of Neural Activity

Technology Roadmap White Paper

Version 1

Call for Comments

The IEEE Brain Initiative announces the publication of a white paper identifying key challenges and advances required to successfully develop next generation closed-loop neurotechnologies. Interest in design and adoption of closed-loop brain-machine interface (BMI) neurotechnologies to treat movement disorders and neurological diseases is steadily increasing, and next generation closed-loop devices that decode and encode neural activity from multiple nervous system sites likely will emerge within the next ten to fifteen years.

This paper is the first step in the creation of a Technology Roadmap explicating that development cycle, and input from the greater neuroscience community, including but not limited to neuroscientists, engineers, developers, neuroethicists, clinicians, policy makers, and funders is requested. Feedback on the development trajectory of this next generation technology is vital for ensuring that all stakeholders have a voice in this process.

Please take a few moments to read the white paper and send comments and questions to brain-clwp@ieee.org. As feedback is received, this paper will be updated periodically, serving as a template for the development of a more comprehensive technology roadmap(s).