4. Implementation

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Arwen H. DeCostanza*, Amar R. Marathe*, Addison Bohannon*, A. William Evans*, Edward T. Palazzolo**, Jason S. Metcalfe*, and Kaleb McDowell*
*Army Research Laboratory, **Army Research Office

Underlying the individual capabilities and emergent team processes are complex interdependencies between individual and team states. This means that effective implementation of an individualized technology depends on an understanding of the downstream effects. Intervention at the individual level without regard for how it will interact with simultaneous individual interventions and the current states and processes of the team will not lead to improved team processes and performance. In the previous section, we focused on describing these future technologies that are individualized to overcome limitations and enhance strengths of individual humans and agents, but are focused on enhancing human-agent teamwork. Now, we focus on the capabilities needed to strategically apply and implement these technologies, taking advantage of knowledge about individual humans and agents, as well as emergent team properties. Here, we brainstorm critical capabilities needed to implement the mentioned technologies when appropriate or needed, including being intelligent enough to know when interaction may overburden the team or result in unexpected negative consequences across individual team members or amongst diverse, yet interdependent coordinating mechanisms within the team.

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