Spotting Speedy Brain Activity

by Peter Reuell

Spotting Speedy Brain Activity

Using ultra-fast MRI scans, a research team led by Laura Lewis, a junior fellow in the Harvard Society of Fellows, was able to track rapid oscillations in brain activity that before would have gone undetected, a development that could open the door to understanding fast-occurring cognitive processes that once appeared off-limits to scientists.

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Brain and Circuits Take the Focus at BioCAS2016

by Guoxing Wang and Timothy Constandinou – December 16, 2016

Brain-related electronic research has been a hot topic in BioCAS during the past years. With efforts augmented by the large brain research projects funding provided from major economies including the United States, Europe, Japan, and China, it is believed that brain-related research will be accelerated in coming decades. BioCAS2016 acknowledged this trend by arranging the technical programs with a special focus on “connecting the brain with microelectronic circuits,” and tutorials and keynotes were chosen with an emphasis on brain-related research. A first-time post-conference workshop, the Brain Circuits and Systems Workshop (BrainCAS), was dedicated to promoting the exchange of ideas between researchers across very different disciplines.

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Wyss Center for Neurotech Challenge

Deadline: 1 February 2017

Wyss Center for Neurotech Challenge

Can you connect the human brain to the digital world for human benefit? Enter the Wyss Center Neurotech Challenge for the chance to win the support and resources to realize your neurotechnology vision. Scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes, companies and individual investigators are invited to come up with a genuinely novel concept in the area of neural interface technology to help connect the human brain with the digital world for measurable human benefit. Deadline for entries is 1 February 2017.

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