IEEE SMC 6th Workshop on Brain-Machine Interface Systems, at the Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Annual Conference (SMC’2016), 9-12 October

IEEE SMC 2016’s 6th Workshop on Brain-Machine Interface Systems will be held October 8-12, 2016 in Budapest as part of SMC 2016 – the flagship annual conference of the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetic Society. The Workshop is organized by the IEEE SMCS Technical Committee on Brain-Machine Interface Systems and is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Brain Initiative, the IEEE Standards Association, and 11 IEEE Societies and Councils.

Download the Program Booklet (PDF)

IEEE President Barry Shoop will give the opening remarks at the Workshop.

Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) Systems offer a new generation of multidisciplinary technologies that allow users to directly control devices via the nervous system. Successful realization of such approaches encompass several challenges including seamless interaction of the human and the machine, robust systems to chronically measure brain activity, reliable decoding of the (neural) control signals, and efficient means to provide information back to the user.

The theme of this year’s BMI Workshop, involving the integration of concepts from Systems, Human-Machine Systems, Cybernetics, and topics of interest from other IEEE Societies and Councils is:

“New Research Opportunities and Industrial Applications in BMI Systems Arising from the IEEE Brain Initiative”

The five-day BMI workshop features tutorials, panels, discussions with the audience, a number of prominent invited speakers from industry and academia, and presentations of accepted papers. Several special events are planned (tentative schedule):

While the Brain Hackathon and the IEEE Brain Initiative Meeting are free to all participants, the BMI Workshop requires a paid SMC 2016 registration.

The IEEE Brain Initiative Best Paper Award will be given to the best paper at this workshop, and 5 IEEE Brain Initiative student travel grants will be awarded. All papers will be eligible the SMC Franklin V. Taylor Memorial Award and the SMC Best Student Paper Award. The Hackathon will also award prizes of over $8,000.

For more information, visit the workshop website.

Download the Program Booklet (PDF)